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How to Choose the Best Cargo Box!

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How to choose the best cargo box: Inno Cargo Box

Are you planning on going on a camping trip with your friends and family? If yes, you’re sure to have a lot of gear that you’ll want to carry with you to camp. Stuffing everything into the boot space or in the backseat of your car isn’t just difficult, it is extremely uncomfortable as well for the people at the back. An Inno cargo box on the roof of your car will be of great help.


A cargo box will help to

  • Store additional baggage and gear, without eating up too much space within the car
  • Protect your belongings from rain, snow, sleet, flying stones and thefts
  • Provide you with additional cargo capacity for the future
  • Improve the look and comfort of your car


Surf Rack, Volkswagen bus. Beach sunny day


Here is a list of factors that you need to consider when purchasing a roof cargo box for your vehicle:


Type of vehicle being used

If you are using your car for travel, it’s important to understand the features of the car and its compatibility with an Inno cargo box. Smaller cars may not have the physical strength to handle the weight of a cargo box, making them unsuitable for installation of roof cargo boxes.


Additionally, if you are planning to take an RV or a jeep to the campsite, make sure you understand the specifications of the vehicle and its compatibility with cargo boxes.



Dimensions of the vehicle

Be sure to check the weight-bearing capacity of your car. Check the manufacturer’s manual to identify whether a cargo box is a good idea for your car or not. You also need to check whether your car has an already installed roof rack or not, and the load-bearing capacity of the rack. This will help you make an informed decision regarding the installation of a cargo box on your car.


Shape and size of the cargo box

There are hundreds of designs and styles to choose from when it comes to cargo boxes. Some cargo boxes are compact like the Inno Ridge Box. And some are sleek, and aerodynamically designed like the Inno Wedge 660. These cargo boxes are great for reducing drag and are ideal when traveling to or from windy and rainy places.

You’ll also find high-riding cargo boxes which are big and which have a high load-carrying capacity. These cargo boxes are great for the additional space they offer when compared to smaller cargo boxes.

In terms of making savings on gas and time, a small cargo box that is lean and ergonomically-designed is perfect for cars of all sizes. Just make sure that the cargo box you choose doesn’t hang off the rear side of your car. This will create problems when you are opening or closing the cargo box lid.


Cargo box capacity

Cargo boxes are available in three capacities:

  • Less than 12 cubic feet: These are small and compact. They are perfect for solo travelers and couples with light gear.
  • 12 cubic feet -18 cubic feet: These are medium-sized cargo boxes, which are ideal for a group of 3-4 people.
  • Above 20 cubic feet: These are the largest cargo boxes available and they are great for carrying large gear.


At Motherlode Roof Racks, you’ll find a large variety of cargo boxes of all sizes, including a wide Inno cargo box selection. It's important to always ensure your roof racks and cargo boxes are in compliance with cargo securement safety rules. Come, take a look at our extensive collection and pick the cargo box that suits your needs.



Type of roof rack

From naked roof racks to racks with side rails and crossbars, roof racks come in all shapes and sizes. The choice of a cargo box depends predominantly on the type of roof rack your car has.


Ideally, a cargo box is perfect for racks which have side racks and crossbars in place. These installations will keep your cargo box secure when attached. However, if you have a naked roof rack, be sure to have it upgraded before you fit your cargo box to it.


Built-in features available

Dual-side opening cargo boxes are easier to work with and use. Some cargo boxes come with padded insides and may be made from materials which are highly durable and water-resistant. Although these features will be pricey on the pocket, they are extremely useful for extensive travel.


Nature of items carried

If you’re the type of person who carries surfboards, ski equipment, and large camping gear when traveling, a large cargo box with huge load-carrying and weight–bearing capacity is your ideal solution. But, if you only plan on carrying suitcases and duffle bags, then a small to medium size cargo box will be sufficient.

Used versus new

If you’re looking for a pocket-friendly option, a used cargo box would be ideal for you. But, if you’re considering the cargo box as a long-term investment, a new installation is the way to go.

 Motherlode Roof Racks has a large selection of highly durable and ergonomically-designed cargo boxes. Contact us for more information regarding our range of products.

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