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Inno Wedge cargo box - product review

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Inno Wedge Cargo Box

Inno Wedge Cargo Box Product Line Review


Are you traveling this New Year? Well, if a long drive is on the cards, you’ll need to start thinking about important things like –


What should I take along the trip?

Will the gear I take be sufficient for the activities I’ve planned?

Will I purchase anything when I’m on holiday?

Where will I store all the things I’m carrying on the drive?


Of all these, the last one is probably the most important consideration of them all. You can always purchase anything that you’ve forgotten to bring with you. But the question of storing the said items is something you can’t easily solve; unless of course, you plan to have a cargo carrier box installed.


Cargo carrier boxes are a great way to solve your storage concerns. Providing you additional storage capacity, they allow you to indulge in your holiday, completely worry-free. The cargo carrier boxes by Motherload Roof Racks are the best in the market and we advise you to take a look at their products.


Wedge Cargo Box


Bigger vehicles need bigger cargo boxes and nothing is more suited for big vehicles than the range of high-quality Inno Wedge Cargo Boxes. Some of the most notable features of this collection include:


Perfect for medium to big-sized cars

Medium-sized capacity

Made from superior-quality ABS plastic

Aerodynamic bars, levers, and clamps

Ergonomic and sleek design

In-built adapter slots

Dual side access


If you have a medium to big-sized car or SUV, then choosing the Inno Wedge Cargo Box is a good way to go.


Product range


The Inno Wedge Cargo Box range of cargo carrier boxes come in various styles, offering buyers a host of different features and looks. Below we’ve listed the 4 Inno Wedge Cargo Boxes and their features:


Inno Wedge Black 660 11cft BRM660BK Cargo Carrier

We’ve reserved the best for the first here, with the Inno Wedge Black 660 11cft BRM660BK Cargo Carrier. Sleek and ergonomically designed, this cargo carrier box is designed to give you maximum storage space. The aerodynamic design of the cargo box reduces drag and allows you to drive at top speed.


The interiors measure 72"L x 25.875"W x 8.5"H and offer an 11 cubic feet carrying capacity. The exteriors are coated with a scratch-proof and UV resistant coating, which makes it perfect for rough travel.


A state-of-the-art safety lock system with in-built locks, memory mount feature for easy installation, and SPM technology for greater durability make this cargo carrier box absolutely perfect for travel. You can store everything from bags to multiple sets of snowboards in here.


Inno Wedge 624 13cft BRM624BK Cargo Box

Offering 13 cubic feet of storage, this is one of the bigger models of the Inno Wedge Cargo Box range of products. The Inno Wedge 624 13cft BRM624BK Cargo Box is most well-known for the separate, in-built ski and snowboard boxes it contains, which is not found in other models.


This cargo carrier box is manufactured using stiff and thick ABS plastic, using SPM technology, which results in a sturdier construction and gives rise to less drag and less torque. The weather-proof, scratch-proof, and UV-resistant coating allows you to take your car to all types of environment and climates.


Highly streamlined in shape, the exteriors and interiors are ergonomically designed for maximum space utilization. Everything from kit bags to camping gear, deflated rafts, beach coolers, tools and more can be carried in this cargo carrier box.


Inno Wedge 625 14 Cft BRM625BK Cargo Carrier

When it comes to size, nothing beats the Inno Wedge 625 14 Cft BRM625BK Cargo Carrier, which offers you a whopping 14 cubic feet of storage capacity. If a large number of you are traveling, then this particular cargo carrier box will solve all your storage concerns.


Aerodynamically designed body, with sturdy and durable clamps, levers and bars make this the perfect choice in cargo boxes. A built-in safety feature allows you to lock your cargo carrier box securely.


Whether you wish to carry 8 large bags or 6 large snowboards, you needn’t worry about space. Store your belongings in peace and find some room to stuff in a spare item or two. Completely UV-resistant and weather-proof, this cargo carrier box is ideal for long travel. This product is available in gloss black and gloss white.


Inno Wedge Black 665 14cft BRM665BK Cargo Carrier

Another contender to the throne of large cargo carrier boxes is the Inno Wedge Black 665 14cft BRM665BK Cargo Carrier. Ergonomic interiors and aerodynamic exteriors reduce drag and torque, while providing complete fuel-efficiency and comfort while driving.


Made using the latest in SPM technology, durability and quality are synonymous with this cargo carrier box. Stylish and completely contemporary in design, this will fit perfectly on any type of medium to big-sized car.


In-built locking system and adapter slots, a memory mounting technology and state-of-the-art bars, clamps, and levers make for easy one-time installation. Scratch-proof and UV-resistant coating keep this cargo carrier box safe in all climates. You can store everything from camping tents to golf clubs and skateboards in here with ease.


So, if you’re planning for a day out with your loved ones, have the Inno Wedge Cargo Box by Motherload Roof Racks installed on to your car. Trust us, you won’t regret it. 

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