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Inno Ridge Compact Cargo Box Product Review

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Inno Ridge Box

Inno Black Ridge Compact Cargo Box

A ski trip during Christmas sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? But before you get too excited, take a look at the load carrying capacity of your car. A ski trip, just like any other, requires you to carry a lot of gear, warm clothes, food and other basic requirements.

While the boot of the car may be spacious, it certainly won’t be sufficient for your skiing equipment and gear. Installing a cargo box will be the best way to ensure a comfortable drive from your home to your winter wonderland.

Introducing to you, the new Inno Black Ridge Compact Cargo Box; your go-to choice for a durable, winter-friendly cargo box. Manufactured by the premier automobile accessory manufacturer, Motherload Roof Racks from Sacramento, California, this cargo carrier box is the car installation you’ve always been looking for.

The answer to all your luggage problems

With its 9 cubic feet size, the Inno Black Ridge Compact Cargo Box makes for a great add on to your car. Large and spacious enough to store practically anything from shopping bags to guitar cases, the cargo carrier is the ideal car accessory that you need to install before the holidays.

With this on your car roof, your days of stuffing your entire luggage in the boot and in the backseat are over. When you consider its dimensions - 55.1 L x 27.6 W x 13.4 H (exterior), you’d think this is a massive installation.

But that’s where you’re wrong. The Inno Black Ridge Compact Cargo Box takes very little space on the roof of your car and once installed, you’ll have plenty of space to install a bicycle rack or a rack to store your ski boards, surfboards and any other equipment and gear you need. In fact, the cargo box is so compact when installed; you can even store a kayak or a canoe right next to it on the crossbars. This small size and compactness of the Inno Black Ridge Compact Cargo Box is one of the reasons that make it a favorite with customers.

The other reason is its quality. Motherload Roof Racks is renowned in California for being one of the premier manufacturers and stockists of quality roof racks and cargo boxes. Each cargo carrier box manufactured is made from rugged three-layer ABS. This hard-wearing plastic with a superior-quality finishing has a UV-resistant coating. The material used is scratch-proof and is ideal for all terrains and environment. 

A major concern for car owners deciding to have a cargo box installed is whether the box will fit inside their garage and whether the box will impede the opening of the hatch. The answer to the first question is yes. The Inno Black Ridge Compact Cargo Box has one of the lowest profiles of any cargo carrier box on the market, making it compatible with low-roof garages. As for the hatch, the compactness of the cargo box will ensure that you have plenty of movement in the hatch door.

Security is another feature that is completely taken care of in the Inno Black Ridge Compact Cargo Box. An integrated safety lock system keeps the lid securely shut and you can remove the lock from the keyhole only once the box is tightly locked.

When it comes to an all-terrain and travel-friendly cargo carrier box, the Inno Black Ridge Compact Cargo Box is the one to choose.

Hybrid models to spoil you for choices

While the Inno Black Ridge Compact Cargo Box is absolutely amazing, its hybrid cousins are worth mentioning too.

Let’s start with the Inno Shadow 15. This cargo carrier box resembles the iconic Inno Wedge 660 in design and style. Thought bigger than the Inno Black Ridge Compact Cargo Box, the Inno Shadow 15 can store everything from grocery bags to golf clubs.

If you’re the owner of a small car, then we suggest you consider the super-light and extremely strong Inno BRA240 Ridge Cargo Roof Box. Smaller than its other cousins, the BRA240 is the ideal option for a hassle-free traveling experience.

All of the gloss black cargo carrier boxes sold by Motherload Roof Racks, are compatable with Thule square bars, Whispbar aero-style bars, Thule AeroBlade bars, Yakima round bars and Inno factory roof rack crossbars. The cargo boxes also come with Inno locks and keys, designed specifically for each particular box.

A great choice for your car

To sum it up, here’s why you need to choose the Inno Black Ridge Compact Cargo Box for your car:

The box is designed to provide maximum storage space, allowing you to store bulky items

The aerodynamic and sleek design reduces drag

The cargo carrier comes in multiple sizes and makes it perfect for all types of cars

The durable plastic material is weather-resistant and scratch-resistant

There is an in-built safety locking system which keeps your cargo box secure

Feel free to contact Motherload Roof Racks for a quote. You can also contact them to purchase a roof rack or cargo box!


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