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Rocky mounts Backstage Review

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Cycling can be a great group activity and it’s always fun when you bike with someone else. But carrying two bicycles on the car, all the way up a trail can be a challenging task. You may need to leave one bike behind and resort to sharing your vehicle. Or you may need to cycle all the way through the challenging trails, just to get to camp; leaving you tired and uninterested in the expedition. 

A good way to avoid either of these predicaments is to install bike racks that can help you carry more than one bike on the car. So far, the roof rack market has been inundated with just single-bike carrying roof racks. But not anymore. 

Meet the RockyMounts Backstage Hitch Bike Rack, your go-to solution for a roof rack that can help you carry two bicycles simultaneously on the car. Motherlode Roof Racks is one of the premier cargo rack resellers in the United States and we can help you with your roof rack requirements. Contact us for more information. 



Two bikes are better than one

Coming in various sizes, measuring 20-29 inches in diameter, the Rocky Mounts Backstage Hitch Bike Rack is one of the best options for cyclists who wish to take multiple bikes with them on their travels. 

Made from a superior-quality steel frame construction and coated with a radiation-resistant and weather-proof black coating, this bike rack is extremely environmentally friendly and perfect for your long travels on the road. 

The bike rack can be attached to the hitch of the car, using 2 x 2 inches trailer hitch receivers and they contain a hinged arm that’s designed to swing away from the cargo area when unlocked, allowing you to access the complete cargo space in your roof rack. This way, you’ll be able to store the bikes in the hitch area and keep all your sporting equipment and baggage in the remaining rack area. 

One of the best features of the Rocky Mounts Backstage Hitch Bike Rack is how it is designed to fit every style and size of bike available. The rack allows a tire width of 5 inches, a placement space of 12 inches and a wheelbase up to 48 inches. Whether you have a slim city bike or a large mountain bike, you can rest assured in the knowledge that you can store bicycles of all frame sizes in the rack.

Features of the Rocky Mounts Backstage Hitch Bike Rack

  • Made from highly durable and sturdy steel
  • Highly aerodynamic design
  • Weight carrying capacity up to 60 lbs per bike
  • Allows for easy and hassle-free installation
  • Capable of supporting large-framed bicycles having a wheelbase up to 48 inches
  • Foldable into a tilting rack, when not in use
  • Possess adjustable bike trays that can be slid 3 inches on each side, to allow comfortable positioning of the bikes
  • Custom-designed holding bolts, nuts and bars
  • Lifetime warranty available by sellers

A secure way to travel by your bike

Made for both small cars and large SUVs, the Rocky Mounts Backstage Hitch Bike Rack gives car owners and adventure enthusiasts the opportunity to transport their bicycles anywhere they want. Standard ratcheting straps are provided to securely tie the bikes to the rack. The ratcheting hooks used to hold your bikes in place are designed for zero frame contact, ensuring that there is no scraping of the paint. The rear wheel cradles are moveable and are built on pivoting arms. They allow bikers to re-position the bikes any way they want. An additional pair of wheel strap extensions will be provided to stop the bike wheels from moving and dislodging during travel. These allow you to drive your car on any trail and terrain with ease. 

The rack, by itself, is extremely spacious. After storage of the bikes, car owners can easily store everything from backpacks to camping gear, with room to spare. State-of-the-art hitch locks hold the roof rack in place on the car, and cable locks are provided for an extra layer of security to lock your bikes on to the car. The best part about the locks is that they use the same key to unlock. Now you don’t need to worry about carrying two sets of keys with you on the trip. 

Helping you with your bike rack needs

At Motherlode Roof Racks, we have extensive experience installing the Rocky Mounts Backstage Hitch Bike Rack on cars of all sizes. If you’d like to have the bike rack installed on your car or truck, just let us know. We will visit your place of residence and install the rack for you. This roof rack is extremely easy for even a DIY assembly and disassembly. Just follow our instructions manual and you’ll have a beautiful roof rack assembled within minutes. 

The Rocky Mounts Backstage Hitch Bike Rack is an extremely sturdy and rigid bike rack that is perfect for travel on challenging terrain. The bike rack can be moved independently of the roof rack, allowing bikers to load and unload the bike whenever they wish, without disturbing the other items placed on the rack. 

If you’d like more information about our bike racks and roof racks, contact Motherlode Roof Racks today. 

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